🌻 Sending you Summery Sunflower Vibes

Hey folks! Thought I’d share some sunny sunflowers today to put a smile on your face. I should have taken a reaction video when we got to this sunflower field (Sam’s Sunflowers) as I was soooo frickin excited to the point of almost hyperventilation!

This summer was my first time visiting a sunflower field (yes at the ripe old age of 27 I’ve never been!) and it’s been one of the happiest days I’ve had. There’s something about sunflowers that I really love. They’re beautiful yet imperfect, bright and golden yet up close look weird; I love it!

To mark my first sunflower experience, we had to do a mini photoshoot ofc! Getting to have this experience with the other half was simply wonderful. Sending you happy sunflower vibes today.


What’s your favourite flower (or flower personality)? Are you a sunflower lover or prefer daisies, roses, lilies, tulips, daffodils, orchids, peonies, carnations, bluebells, poppies…

Thinking of having a couples session in a field of flowers? Get in touch and let’s start chatting fabulous creative photoshoot ideas!



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