🎄 Yay Christmas Is Coming! + 2020 Highlights

Hello Friend!

Hope are you? Hope you’re feeling fab! For my December update, how can I not talk about Christmas! Hands up if you’re excited?! Yass the festive season is here! Christmas is certainly one of my favourite holidays and a sure good time to put our feet up and catch up with loved ones. I’ll be taking some festive tips from the delightful Daisy & Daniel (photo above) who create such a cosy Christmas at home. I had the pleasure of photographing their new family at Christmas last year. How will you be spending the Holidays?

I also feel this time of year is also great for reflection. Though a challenging year for many, I feel it’s been a year of personal growth and rediscovering the little things in life that make us happy. The long country walks & fresh air (mushroom foraging has been our thing in our household!), the relaxing Sunday mornings and cooking a tasty meal have been some of my favourite things. How about you, what little things have you cherished this year?

As my last newsletter of the year, I also wanted to share a few highlights of 2020. I always like ending the year on a high and celebrating the good things.

I’ll be sharing my mega 2020 photo round-up very soon but head on over to my Instagram where I’m dedicating a post to an awesome couple I’ve had the wonderful pleasure of photographing this year and spreading the Christmas cheer!

I hope you all have a magical Christmas and get some much-needed rest after a long year. I’m looking forward to catching up with you folks in the New Year!

Sending you cosy Christmas wishes, 



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