Celebrating the Moments That Matter

❤️ We all have those moments… you know the ones, the ones that really get you in the feels, the ones that excite you or make you cry with joy.

🥳 Whether it’s the little moments or the big ones you know it’s a moment that matters.

⏳With so much time apart from our loved ones, especially now during lockdown enduring long-distance from those dear to us is a challenging one.

😍 That’s why every time I hear my partner Rob is coming home, I’m just hit with emotion. There’s no feeling quite like it.

📷 That’s why my mission in life is to celebrate the moments that matter and capture these cherished times in our lives.

🎉 I’m so blessed with my job as a wedding & lifestyle photographer, I get to live for celebration, joy & feeling with those special people I get to call my clients and friends.

🥰 What moments really gets you?

Over the moon that my other half is back from deployment and will be land based for 2 years! I couldn’t be happier to have him home for so long. 🏡🥰⚓

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