Happy New Year 2022!

Hello friends, I’ve missed you. ☀️

[Part 1] I know I’ve been offline for a good few months, the longest social media detox I’ve done and I must admit, I’ve been feeling anxious getting back online.

Though now I do feel ready to get myself back ‘out there’ and reconnect again. I’ve been craving human interaction since my social hibernation.

You may be wondering what on earth has she been doing this past year and why the quietness?

The main reason has been rediscovering who I am, focusing on my mental health. To do that has meant a much-needed break from social media, the noise, the distractions that prevented me from getting to truly understand myself.

In 2021, I thought I couldn’t…

🏠  Manage or afford a major house renovation (knocked 2 walls & chimney for a kitchen-diner & utility) soon after buying a house (more pics to come!)

🌱 Grow & invest in my businesses despite the many lockdowns (my best financial year to date)

😅  Lose over 1.5 stones & kick-starting a new health/exercise drive that I’m actually sticking to

💯 Handle the pressure of my busiest wedding season including shooting my 100th wedding plus the challenges of the fuel crisis amongst it (new work coming soon!)

📘 Get published in a #1 best-selling book on Amazon (Shine on You Crazy Daisy, Vol 3 – updates to follow!)

🧗‍♀️ Face my fear of falling by spending 3 terrifying hours rock climbing, balancing tightropes & speeding down 13 zip wires in the depths of a dark Snowdonia cavern

🧳 Move house 5 times and deal with the unique stresses of living away from home for a quarter of the year (to shield & renovate)

🏚️ Cope with the emotional distress of a burglary whilst experiencing symptoms of burnout

😣 Manage my anxiety attacks, all on the backdrop of a pandemic

… and really astonished I did.

It’s certainly been a learning process and looking forward to what the future holds. 2022 feels like an exciting year of transformation, discovery, and reconnection.

Thank you for your many kind messages whilst I’ve been away. It’s heartwarming to know I’m not alone in feeling this way.

I’m feeling inspired to create again… Excited to share what I’ve been up to & the new energy. [Watch this space! 😀]

Thank you for listening to my musings.
Lots of love, Nisha x 💚



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