💛 Let’s spread as much joy as possible!

Hello, It’s been a while since I shared a personal blog post with you, but right now it feels more important to connect than ever before.

With this global pandemic, I know it can seem impossible to escape from it all.

Which is why I’ve set myself a mission over the next few months: to spread as much hope and joy as possible.

The world needs it. I need it! And so I want to use my little corner of the internet to provide a safe space where you can come to and, hopefully, lift your spirits. I will be using this time to do everything I can to bring sunshine to my community.

I am of course aware that, for many of us, this current climate is going to bring with it some huge – often unwanted – changes.

For my wedding clients, I am ensuring my services are flexible during this time to ease your stress. I am contacting you all individually to provide you with full information, but please rest assured that if you do need to postpone your wedding, rebooking my services will never be an added worry for you – I’ve removed my rebooking fees (within 12 months of your original date) and you’ll only ever have to pay my original price. That I promise!

Sending you loving vibes, always,


I’ll be sharing the joy through my fortnightly newsletter, Instagram & Facebook. 😊 Say hello, I’d love to see you there.



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