What Goes Into Planning a Micro Wedding?

Here’s a guide to everything you need to know about micro weddings

A major choice that countless couples have had to make in the past year is between a delayed wedding and a micro wedding. COVID-19 has meant that weddings as we used to know it has changed how we celebrate and having to adapt to changing restrictions particularly this past year… many couples have opted for a micro wedding.

This choice is far from easy. You may be disappointed by the idea of having a small wedding, or worried about telling your loved ones that they won’t be able to join you in person for your special day. But believe me when I say there are some really beautiful benefits to a micro wedding.

So, what is a micro wedding?

A micro wedding is typically a wedding with less than 30 guests; it’s your big day but on a smaller scale. It’s an intimate approach to your wedding day which allows you to take things back to what matters most to you.

Smaller doesn’t have to mean any less memorable or beautiful! Read on for the lowdown on what goes into planning a micro wedding.

How do you plan a micro wedding?

Whether a micro wedding was always on your vision board, or it’s the direction that you’ve found yourself in, a micro wedding can reduce a lot of the pressure and stress that comes with planning a full-blown wedding. It offers an intimate approach to your wedding celebration and can also mean that you have more flexibility to splash out on some indulgent moments!

Of course, it still requires a lot of planning – planning that may look a tad different to what you were expecting.

Step 1 – Finalise your guestlist

Eek, this is the toughie – so let’s rip off the plaster! Minimising your guestlist may feel difficult, so I would suggest sticking with immediate family and your closest friends. That means removing the need to invite partners and focusing on the people that matter most to you in the world.

If you’re worried about upsetting people, just keep your guest list private! And anyway, this is your special day – try not to get bogged down by other people’s reactions.

Step 2 – Choose some ‘must-haves’ and stick with them

As I’ve mentioned, a micro wedding means you can splash out on things that you may not have been able to justify with a 200 guest wedding. Make the most of this! Spend time with your partner writing down the ultimate wishlist for your wedding… And then make as many of them as you can possible!

It could be a designer wedding dress… Or a cake with a bazillion layers… A location that is straight out of a fairytale.. Or even a photographer you’ve been pining over (wink wink).

Have fun with it – and let your imagination run wild!

Step 3 – Check your venue is still appropriate

This one can bring with it both gorgeous opportunities and a few disappointments: you need to check that the venue you had in mind for your wedding will suit a small wedding.

The last thing you want is for your wedding venue to feel sparse with less people in attendance – afterall, you still want to create a vibrant, joyful atmosphere, don’t you?

If you think the venue won’t be appropriate, don’t worry – there are SO many brilliant places you can host your wedding! You could even make the location a meaningful one; how about the first place you and your partner went on a date? Or the sublime scene where they popped the question?

(Psst – take advantage of your wedding photographer here… Chances are they will have shot plenty of micro weddings in their time and will be bursting with recommendations!)

Step 4 – Add some personal touches

A smaller guestlist means more opportunity to add beautiful, personal touches to your wedding day.

This is especially fun for the crafty ones out there! You could:

  • Create your own wedding invitations
  • Write a personal note for every place setting
  • Gift bespoke wedding favours for every guest
  • Add more variety to your menu (perhaps influenced by special memories or even places you have been around the world with your loved ones!)

A micro wedding gives you a lovely chance to get creative and make your special day undeniably yours – enjoy it!

Step 5 – Be picky with the people you hire

While this is always true, it is especially important (in a micro wedding) that you connect on a personal level with the people you hire to support your wedding.

Invest the time in getting to know different people before you choose them to be a part of your wedding day – when your photographer, Registrar/Celebrant and caterers make up part of your small guestlist, you’d best be sure they tick all the boxes!

Hosting a COVID-19 micro wedding

If your micro wedding is in response to the COVID-19 restrictions, then you will also need to consider a few more things.

When planning your guestlist, check whether anyone who you have included is high risk. You will then need to decide whether or not you feel comfortable inviting them. In addition, keep a close eye on current restrictions to make sure you are following the rules necessary… We all know how quickly these can change!

You may also need to arrange seating so that social distancing is adhered to. You could also add hand sanitiser and masks to tables, and update your guests with any expectations or housekeeping (for example, any rules from the venue) before the actual day.

The benefits of a micro wedding

This should be one of the most memorable, important days of your life – micro or otherwise! If the idea of a small wedding is leaving you disheartened, here are just some of the fabulous benefits of having a micro wedding:

  • You won’t have to speak in front of a large crowd – stage fright is REAL when it comes to your big day, so an intimate celebration is a pretty nifty solution
  • You can spend more time with your loved ones – no more making your way around 100+ people in a crowded room
  • You can save money – just IMAGINE how much your bill will drop when you don’t have to buy food and alcohol for that many guests
  • You can go all out on location – have you always dreamed of a wedding on a secluded beach? Maybe this is your chance!

And if you’re sad about the idea of people not being a part of your day, why not live stream it? Zoom weddings have become the norm throughout 2020, and mean you can give your friends and family the chance to still feel involved in your ceremony by sharing it digitally.

What can I do at my micro wedding reception?

Okay – so you may not have a packed out dance floor, but there are still loads of ways to add fun and a unique flair to your micro wedding reception. Something that couples I have worked with in the past LOVE about micro weddings is the opportunity to think outside of the box.

If you’re trying to think of different entertainment ideas that would suit a smaller guestlist, you could explore:

  • An old-school ice cream van / bike
  • A prosecco station
  • A caricature artist
  • Open mic
  • Lawn games
  • A cocktail making booth
  • A tarot card reader
  • A dance performance
  • A live band
  • A photo booth 
  • Circus performers
  • Firework display
  • A magician
  • A comedian
  • Cooking demonstrations
  • Classical musicians

The list could go on, and on, and on! 

I really hope that this guide has shown you that micro weddings can be exciting and a wonderful way to embrace every single moment of your special day on a deep, intimate level.

If you’d like to have a chat about how to capture your micro wedding – and how I can help – pop me a message. Let’s talk!

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